Yellow dextrin, LYCKEBY AMYLEX, a.s.

Product Description:

Yellow dextrin has a wide use in the technical industry for its binding and adhesive properties. It is ideal for the production of liquid adhesives and preparation of adhesives in various sectors. Yellow dextrin is used for example in the foundry industry, paper, ceramics and other industries.

Other information:

Yellow dextrin can be used for adhesives for paper tubes, carton making, laminating and coating. It is used in the foundry industry as a binder of sand moulds and cores. As a plasticizer and binder for production of refractory bricks and shaped bricks before baking and more. We produce several types of dextrin, including wet types.

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Czech Republic


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Zdeněk Tampír
obchodní zástupce
Tel.: +420 376 532 208
Fax: +420 376 513 536

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Yellow dextrin Yellow dextrin Yellow dextrin Yellow dextrin Yellow dextrin


Product Name: Yellow dextrin
Country of Origin: Česká republika
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Unit Price: according to the current pricelist
Quality, Safety Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14 001
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